Crownstone: Smart Home Automation Technology

Crownstone is a smart addition to the electrical outlets that we already have that adds an arsenal of smart functionalities to your home.

The device functions by connecting with smartphones via Bluetooth technology, determining your location, and enacting any number of functions from turning off lights when you’re not in the room, disabling potentially hazardous appliances when no adults are present to supervise children.

Additionally, the Crownstone will automatically detect gadgets and appliances in your home, collect data on their power usage, and automatically make changes to save on energy.

A notable difference between Crownstone and other smart-home systems is that Crownstone doesn’t require a “hub,” or a central unit that controls all of the remote units. Instead, the user’s smart phone acts as the hub and communicates with all of the units via Bluetooth.

The Crownstone software is open source, like every software from DoBots, giving users the ability to experiment with app development for their own specific needs.


Crownstone: Smart Home Automation Technology
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