Distributed Services Architecture (DSA)

Aug 11 2016

"Distributed Services Architecture, a modular design enabling pluggable components to be created for any layer of an IoT implementation. The objective of the Distributed Services Architecture is to unify the disparate devices, services and applications into a structured and adaptable real-time data model. The premise of the open-source DSA initiative is to build a community of manufacturers, makers and solution providers that will contribute to an ever-expanding library of Distributed Service Links which allow protocol translation and data integration to and from 3rd party data-sources."

More Details


+ DSA has three core components; DSBroker, DSLink and nodeAPI

+ Docs: https://github.com/IOT-DSA/docs/wiki

+ Backed by DGLogik (Recently acquired by Acuity Brands)

Additional Coverage

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ql8HRgz0OcA

- http://www.dglogik.com/company/blog/206-raspi-dsa

Distributed Services Architecture (DSA) cover image