dLoc: NFC & Blockchain Document Security

Smartrac has partnered with Blockchain specialist Factom to create dLoc an authentication system for vital documents.

A dLoc sticker that contains a Smartrac Bullseye NFC inlay and security chip with between 1kB and 64kB of storage is applied to a document. From then on any institution with vital records – governments, banks, hospitals, universities – can use its private key to seamlessly retrace each document’s history. The chip inside the dLoc sticker can also store context information, such as images and biometrics, which can be stored as public data or as private data accessible to authorized parties only.

To enable document authentication in the course of the issuance process, document data is married with the unique ID of the NFC tag to create a 32-bit hash value, which is only recognizable by the issuing agency using a private key. The hash value is stored in Smart Cosmos and backed up in a public blockchain. Once that has happened, the document with the dLoc sticker can be verified using a desktop reader, or more likely, a mobile app on an NFC-enabled phone.

dLoc: NFC & Blockchain Document Security
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