FTC Challenges Public to Improve IoT Security

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced on Wednesday,January 4th, a prize competition to improve the security of currentIoT connected devices.

The IoT Home Inspector Challenge asks competitors tocreate technical solutions to security vulnerabilities in their IoT devices’software – at minimum, competitors are expected to protect consumers from thevulnerabilities associated with out of date software.

With the surge of IoT connected devices in recent years,many concerns have been raised as to their role in the individual consumer’sprivacy and security – in fact, a surge of online attacks related to IoTdevices from Mirai Botnet was one of the biggest cyber security stories of 2016.

Major components that entries will be judged on arerecognizing IoT software present in the home and assessing its need forupdates, user friendliness, and scalability. Entries may receive bonus pointsfor especially creative security options even if main components aren’taddressed.

FTC Challenges Public to Improve IoT Security
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