GE and Bosch Announce Collaboration

Sep 27 2016

"The agreement focuses on technology interoperability and platform integration through GE’s Predix operating system and the Bosch IoT Suite. GE Digital and Bosch Software Innovations intend to make complementary software services available on the other company’s cloud platforms to enhance the overall value of each cloud offering and provide solutions to a wider customer base.

CEO of Bosch Software Innovations Rainer Kallenbach “No company can realize the IoT on its own. It is very important for Bosch to engage in business ecosystems and open source communities. The collaboration with GE Digital is another important milestone for Bosch’s connectivity strategy.”

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+ Engagement is within the Eclipse Foundation

+ Together they will bring open-source Eclipse IoT components to GE’s Cloud Foundry

+ The projects being focused on include Eclipse hono, Eclipse Vorto, Eclipse Leshan, GE-enhanced UAA (User Account and Authentication) and Eclipse ACS (Access Control Service)

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