Georgia Tech’s IoT Center Continues Expansion

Georgia Tech’s Center for the Development and Application of Internet of Things Technologies (CDAIT) has added Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) to its growing list of members and launched four new working groups.

CDAIT (pronounced “sedate”) is a global, non-profit, partner-funded center located in Atlanta that aims at efficiently identifying, understanding and solving for its sponsors challenges and problems that may arise along the whole IoT value chain. CDAIT bridges sponsors with Georgia Tech faculty and researchers as well as industry members with similar interests.

The four new working groups Education (chaired by Margaret Loper of the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI); 2) Startup Ecosystem (chaired by Tech Square Ventures’ Blake Patton) 3) Thought leadership (chaired by Cisco’s Scott Puopolo); and 4) Research (chaired by Kenji Takeuchi of Flex).

“These new groups are busy pulling together deliverables that will move the needle in the Internet of Things space worldwide,” said Alain Louchez, managing director of CDAIT. “Our vision of the center has always been focused on effective collaboration between university and industry, and we are extremely pleased with our progress in this regard.”

Georgia Tech’s IoT Center Continues Expansion
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