Hayo: Virtual Interfaces for your Home

Oct 11 2016

Hayo transforms the objects and spaces around you into a set of magical remote controls.

Place Hayo in a room where you would like to set up virtual controls. Hayo will then create a 3D image map of the room. Using the device's augmented reality app, you then create virtual remote controls on top of objects or right in thin air. Once mapped your mapped interactions and online services take on a life of their own.

Point at your fireplace and raise your arm to turn it on, wave your hand to the left to turn off your lights, etc.

More Details


+ Not yet launched (planning an Indiegogo Campaign)

+ Created by the company Space Connect http://www.space-connect.com/

Additional Coverage

- https://youtu.be/3tsiaE9yRDs

Hayo: Virtual Interfaces for your Home cover image