Highway 1 Accelerator Announces Fall 2016 Class

Aug 15 2016

A few highlights include:

Blue Belly - digitally controlled smart cold and heat pack for injured individuals.

Cloudastructure - Enterprise solutions for Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) and Door Access Control as a Service (ACaaS), and sensors to support IoT applications.

FLO LABS - intelligent personal assistant for the outdoors, streamlining all the information you need for your next adventure.

See the full list below.

More Details


+ Highway1, is a division of PCH

+ 4 month program based in San Francisco

+ Investment Capital – Up to $100,000 per team for 8% equity or $50,000 per team for 5%.

Additional Coverage

- https://postscapes.com/internet-of-things-accelerators/

Highway 1 Accelerator Announces Fall 2016 Class cover image