Homeland Security: IoT Security Principles Guidebook

Nov 22 2016

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released guidelines for internet of things cybersecurity. It's report, “Strategic Principles for Securing the Internet of Things (IoT), Version 1.0” takes a broad-strokes approach to explaining best practices.

The principles outline are:

  • Incorporate Security at the Design Phase
  • Advance Security Updates and Vulnerability Management
  • Build on Proven Security Practices
  • Prioritize Security Measures According to Potential Impact
  • Promote Transparency across IoT
  • Connect Carefully and Deliberately

More Details


+ Report is stated to be for IoT developers, IoT manufacturers and service providers, and Industrial and business level consumers

+ The list is a set of non-binding principles and suggested best practices

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Homeland Security: IoT Security Principles Guidebook cover image