Humanyze: Enhanced Office Productivity and Morale via Analytics

Humanyze is an American startup founded in 2016 that takes office productivity to a whole new level through complex analysis of digital communication, face to face communication, and inter-office movement collected via the service’s GEM ID badges.

The service works by monitoring employees’ tone of voice and location via a wearable ID badge and analyzing the collected data in conjunction with productivity data and text-based communication like email and instant messaging. For employee privacy, the data is aggregated and made anonymous before being reported to the employer.

The cloud-based analysis system helps employers make connections between certain patterns in employee behavior and productivity levels to help improve work environments and cultures.

In several case studies, Humanyze allowed various workplaces to discover practices such as simultaneous group lunches, better knowledge distribution tactics, and employee interaction that improved productivity metrics in several companies.

Thanks to algorithms recognizing patterns in massive amounts of data that a human mind could never spot, Humanyze has the potential to change and how the traditional offices function.


Humanyze: Enhanced Office Productivity and Morale via Analytics
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