iBoardbot; Wifi Whiteboard

Aug 08 2016

'The iBoardbot is a robot connected to the internet capable of writing texts and drawing with great precision. Also, it can erase in a quick and effective way. Send to your iBoardbot your information from any part of the world. As it has a multi-user interface you can also play and challenge your kids, use it as a collaborative notice board or as a twitter wall in your shop window. '

More Details


+ Integrated with IFTTT

+ 60 Minute Assembly: http://jjrobots.com/iboardbot-assembly-instructions/

+ $182 Kit

Additional Coverage

- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/879074320/iboardbot-the-internet-controlled-whiteboard-robot/description

- http://www.instructables.com/id/IBoardbot-the-Internet-Controlled-Whiteboard-Robot/

- https://3dprint.com/118983/iboardbot-kickstarter-jjrobots/

iBoardbot; Wifi Whiteboard cover image