Kinoma Element: Javascript enabled Wifi Board

Aug 30 2016

"Connectivity is central to the design of Kinoma Element, with Wi-Fi g/n integrated into the microcontroller, which also reduces the device’s size and power consumption.

Kinoma Element is endlessly configurable. With 16 programmable pins, Kinoma Element works with off-the-shelf sensors, lights, motors, and actuators. Its enclosure can be removable, and – along with the PCB board design – is open source for customizability."

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+ Runs full ES6 language on the device (The XS6 JavaScript Engine runs scripts directly from flash memory by implementing XIP for JavaScript byte code.)

+ It runs FreeRTOS ported onto a 200 MHz ARM Cortex M4

+ Available to purchase now on Makershed for 25 dollars

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Kinoma Element: Javascript enabled Wifi Board cover image