Lemonbeat smart Device Language

Jul 22 2016

Backed by RWE the publicly traded German electric utilities company, Lemonbeat Protocol is "aimed to provide a solution for low cost and low power connectivity for devices using batteries as a power source."

More Details


+ USed currently in RWE SmartHome and Gardena smart system

+ Trying to have the W3C adopt it as a standard

+ Draft spec can be found here: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wot-ig/2015Sep/att-0048/RWE_lemonbeat_application_v1_8_draft.pdf (PDF)

Additional Coverage

- http://utilityweek.co.uk/news/rwes-lemonbeat-beyond-incremental-innovation/1185203

- http://www.rwe.com/web/cms/en/113648/rwe/press-news/press-release/?pmid=4014278

- http://www.elektronikpraxis.vogel.de/iot/connectivity/articles/542222/

Lemonbeat smart Device Language cover image