Raises $1.25M AUD ($945K USD) in Seed Round is a cloud-based workforce management solution that uses Bluetooth-enabled “beacons” and a mobile app to keep track of and manage large teams of employees across larger facilities, such as airports and shopping malls.

Quickly locate assets and use historical data to improve asset utilization.

“Existing app-based solutions in the same space typically don’t take into account a staff member’s exact location when presenting or collecting information,” said cofounder, Ben Howden.

The system works by detecting when employees using the mobile app are within range of certain beacons, and then sending them relevant tasks lists, reminders, safety warnings, audits, or any other relevant information the manager needs to communicate.

The system has a lot of potential for streamlining the process of managing large facilities by eliminating the need for paper forms, allowing managers to collect data on incidents and staffing needs, and providing seamless communication across a team. Raises $1.25M AUD ($945K USD) in Seed Round
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