LoRa Wireless Water Monitoring

“For utilities to meet these requirements they need visibility in near real time, of how their network is performing and responding to the demands placed upon it. In the past, the cost was prohibitive to deploy monitoring equipment to the scale required to give operations staff the required insight. But that is now possible with the Telog 41-Series.

The Telog PR-41 Pressure Recorder establishes a new standard in low power, IoT communication sensors for monitoring and alarming remote water system pressures. It is available with a choice of pressure sensor ranges, from 1 to 500 PSI. The Telog PR-41 enables water utilities to cost effectively monitor their network, identify potential pressure and leakage issues and respond to them in a timely manner. In doing so, it aids them to comply with NRW, Customer Service and other regulatory target.”

h/t: @davidjanes

LoRa Wireless Water Monitoring
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