MulteFire: LTE on Licence Exempt Spectrum

Originally created by Qualcomm and now operating behind the MuLTEfire Alliance, MulteFire is a new, LTE-based technology that solely operates in unlicensed spectrum. It opens up new opportunities by operating 4G LTE technology solely in unlicensed spectrum such as the global 5 GHz. This differs from Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) and LTE – Wi-Fi link aggregation (LWA), both of which aggregate unlicensed spectrum with an anchor in licensed spectrum.

A key principle in the design of MulteFire is fair coexistence with Wi-Fi. It is based on LAA and uses similar coexistence technologies, including “Listen Before Talk,” which is required for global deployments. This also means that MulteFire, like LAA, is a good neighbor in unlicensed spectrum with any other technology, including Wi-Fi, LAA and LTE-U.

MulteFire: LTE on Licence Exempt Spectrum
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