NYC IoT Guidelines

Aug 16 2016

The Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation, in partnership with IDC, surveyed City agencies and governments, companies, and key stakeholder groups.

The guidelines are based around:

  • Privacy + Transparency
  • Data Management
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Operations + Sustainability

"These guidelines provide a framework to help government and our partners use connected devices and IoT technologies in a coordinated, consistent and responsible manner.

More specifically, the IoT Guidelines encourage that all components of a solution be implemented in a modular manner, using open and publicly-available standards where possible, to prevent dependency on a single vendor and make sure data and components can be shared across agencies. These guidelines aim to help agencies navigate the sometimes confusing world of IoT standards and protocols in an effort to prevent the kinds of fragmentation that plagued the early days of web browsers and home video."

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+ Project was led by by the New York City Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation

+ New York City is also partnering with Amsterdam, Paris, Dublin and other cities to establish a global framework for IoT.

+ Built within a larger "Smart City, Equitable City" project

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