Oxecam: Video Health Analytics

Oxford based startup Oxehealth wants to turn video cameras into health monitors that achieve medical grade accuracy.

Using a combination of “computer vision, machine learning, and the ability to track subtle skin color changes to accurately track a heartbeat as well as breathing over time” the company hopes to reduce disturbance to patient sleep, risk of violence to staff in mental health facilities, and alert staff to intervene between rounds in hospitals.

In field tests the Oxecam software correctly reported patients’ breathing rate to within 2 breaths per minute 94% of the time and correctly identified patients as safe with 99.8% accuracy. Oxecam took on average just 3.6 seconds to acquire vital signs and was as accurate at acquiring breathing rate when the patients had entirely concealed themselves, under a blanket.


Oxehealth Video
Oxecam: Video Health Analytics
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