Petasense: Smart Sensors for Predictive Maintenance

Jan 09 2017

Petasense is a cross-industry sensor equipment and software designed to monitor and analyze the vibration data from machines with rotating parts. Through analyzing the large amounts of data, Petasense is able to keep track of machine health and predict when machines need maintenance, preventing unplanned downtime.

The sensor motes are available in two models. Model 1 detects issues like imbalance, misalignment, loose parts, and late stage wear. Model 2 contains a more advanced sensor which detects all of the same issues as Model 1 with the addition of more high-frequency issues like early-stage bearing defects and gear box problems.

Petasens Motes

The motes connect to Wi-Fi (or a cellular gateway if Wi-Fi isn’t available) to upload their data to the secure Petasense Cloud service where the company’s proprietary algorithms automate the vibration analysis. From there, users can access data via the web dashboard or mobile apps for current and historical charts documenting their machinery’s health and utilization.

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+ The sensor motes are priced at $349 for Model 1 and $579 for Model 2; both cost an additional $25 per month for cloud service and offer volume discounts.

+ Petasense supports mobile and email alerts for when vibration levels are near machine limits, as well as when the sensor motes lose Wi-Fi connectivity or are low on battery.

+ Petasense can be used to reduce costs and optimize operations across multiple different industries.

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