Predictive analytics health monitoring company PhysIQ raises $8M Series B

Aug 01 2017

PhysIQ, a predictive analytics platform for health monitoring raised $8M in a Series B round. The platform monitors a patient’s vital signs using wearable and implantable sensors. 4490 Ventures led the round. Quark Ventures, Wasson Family Enterprise, and returning investor LionBird Venture Capital also participated in the round.

PhysIQ End-to-End VitaLink Solution

PhysIQ's main components are an Android app, Bluetooth-enabled patches, wearables, and an analytics engine. The engine crunches patient data which is then accessible via mobile and tablet app. The wearables track data including heart rate, respiration, and physical activity. Medical attendants get an alert when the system notifies about abnormal readings.

"Nurses log in to see 100 patients, and they see them ranked by change from a baseline index. It's a triage tool," said Gary Conkright, CEO of PhysIQ. The platform is appropriate for acute-monitoring of patients discharged for conditions like heart failure, COPD, and total joint replacements (CJR).

It was Argonne National Laboratory that developed the core technology on top of which PhysIQ rests. At first, the technology's purpose was to track nuclear plants. PhysIQ licensed the technology and applied it to its health monitoring platform.

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+ PhysIQ plans to reach 25 employees by the end of the year.

+ A comprehensive set of health conditions that PhysIQ tracks include Sleep/wake determination, REM and Non-REM indication, Sleep apnea detection, Cough detection, Posture, Heart rate variability, Cardiac arrhythmias, and Fall detection.

+ PhysIQ offers an end-to-end solution inclusive of hardware and sensors as well as a “Healthcare IoT” model for companies with a hardware platform.

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