Proxxi: Smart Electric Field Wearable

Over 2,000 people are electrocuted in the workplace in North America each year. Devices do exist for detection, but remembering to carry them along and use them in the field can be a different story.

Proxxi, a Vancouver based startup wants to put an end to these deaths. Starting with a wrist worn wearable Proxxi Band. The device’s sensor can detect source voltage and proximity. The user gets a series of increasing vibrations depending on their distance and danger levels to the source.

The device also sends this data back up to the parent company to receive any safety alerts and to manage and create reports on crews conduct, dangerous locations, etc.

“Our technology is not only about safety, but by providing the smart data to organizations, helping to prevent at-risk behaviours, we are also lowering the costs of operations”. Said Company CEO Campbell Macdonald.


Proxxi: Smart Electric Field Wearable
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