PUREmodules: Modular IoT Hardware

Developed by Santa Barbara based Pure Engineering PUREmodules are a set of hardware building blocks to rapidly prototype IoT devices.

There are three main modules in this system. The Core module is the brain of everything. Built on the nRF52832 Bluetooth SOC the module is able to operate Contiki, Arduino and RIOT-OS.

Next is the Sensor module, this is outfitted with 7 sensors to measure barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, IR, and more . Lastly we have IO modules, these are Input/Output modules that interact with the world such as buttons, led’s and motors and other sensor systems like Grove and Littlebits.

The firm is launching with just the main two modules, but with many more in development including; LoRa, Li-ion power, Ethernet, and energy harvesting.

PUREmodules: Modular IoT Hardware
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