resinOS: Docker Containers on Embedded Devices

Oct 11 2016

An open source project by Resin, resinOS is a new operating system optimised for running Docker containers on embedded devices.

"The core insight behind resinOS is that Linux Containers offer, for the first time, a practical path to using virtualisation on embedded devices. VMs and hypervisors have lead to huge leaps in productivity and automation for cloud deployments, but their abstraction of hardware as well as their resource overhead and lack of hardware support means that they are out of the question for embedded scenarios. With OS-level virtualisation as implemented for Linux Containers, both those objections are lifted for Linux devices, of which there are many in the Internet of Things."

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+ Built using the Yocto framework

+ Over 20 supported boards including Raspi, Beaglebone Black & Green and Samsung Artik 5 and 10

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resinOS: Docker Containers on Embedded Devices cover image