S7 Rubicon: Waterproof, stackable, mountable enclosure for RaspberryPi, BeagleBone, Arduino

Rubicon is a modular enclosure system specifically designed to help deploy and protect your projects in style. It is IP67 water- and dustproof, supports glands and conduit fittings and is designed to be installed just about anywhere.

The Rubicon has enough room for your single? board computer, a lithium battery, and a few basic additional components and sensors. The modular design allows stackability to fit all the needs of a project from start to finish. Customization options allow for desired gland placement and logo or text engraving.

Supported boards include Raspberry Pi (Models A+, B+, B 2, B 3), BeagleBone (Classic, Black, and Green) and Arduino (Uno, Zero and any other boards with Uno mounting pattern).

S7 Rubicon: Waterproof
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