SAP Acquires Plat.One as part of $2B IoT Investment Strategy

Sep 28 2016

IoT Platform provider has announced it has been acquired by SAP to be integrated into their HANA offering.

Bjoern Goerke, EVP of Product and Innovation Technology, SAP said, "We conducted a review of IoT platforms in the market and found PLAT.ONE to be a strong leader, particularly in device interoperability, edge processing capabilities and development capabilities. It is great to add these leading capabilities to SAP HCP."

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+ According to the company they had 3 major telecoms and over 25 enterprise customers, managing over 200,000 complex devices globally.

+ Combined with earlier acquisition of Fedem Technology, SAP hopes to build an end to end predictive analytics and long term asset monitoring solution as is part of $2B in planned IoT Investments.

+ The amount of acquisition was not disclosed. was founded in 2011 and had no known funding rounds prior to this.

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