SeedStudio ReSpeaker

Sep 22 2016

Created by Seeed Studio, The WiFi enabled ReSpeaker is "an open modular voice interface to hack things around you. Let you interact with your home appliances, your plant, your office, your internet-equipped devices or any other things in your daily life, all by your voice.

ReSpeaker responds to your voice and recognize your speeches based on powerful online cognitive services like Microsoft Cognitive Service, Amazon Alexa Voice Service, Google Speech API, and Houndify.

Also with the on board SD card slot to extend the storage and the integrated lightweight speech recognition engine - the PocketSphinx, ReSpeaker works equally well for keywords spotting when offline."

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+ Recently raised $193,963 on Kickstarter campaign

+ ReSpeaker runs on OpenWrt

+ Supports Far-field Voice Capture (up to 10m) and has a Grove extension board

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SeedStudio ReSpeaker cover image