Sensor-based wrist band for elders closes $6.2M Series A

Aifloo, a smart care company providing sensor-based e-health system for elders raised a $6.2M Series A round led by EQT Ventures.

Aifloo app and wristband

Aifloo’s solution consists of a motion-sensitive wristband, cloud server, and mobile/desktop app where users can access the alerts, trends, and deviations, and patient’s indoor position.

Aifloo wristband

Its key difference from other systems is its algorithms that learn a user’s behavior over time. The wristband continuously sends out signals showing that it’s working properly. Caregivers and nurses can track things like if the patient/elder has taken breakfast, woken-up or other vital signals that demonstrate the patient is acting within normal behavior.

Users also have a panic button that they can press in case of an emergency. This sends a signal to the care giver prompting for help.

Aifloo App

Apart from the recent round of funding, Aifloo previously raised a seed round and venture investment. Its total equity funding stands at $7.5M in three rounds.



AIFLOO from Aifloo on Vimeo.

Sensor-based wrist band for elders closes $6.2M Series A
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