Slide: Retro-fit Smart Curtains

Jan 23 2017

Slide is a smart curtain solution presented by the Dutch startup Innovation in Motion. The product has been touted as the first retro-fit smart curtain system, allowing customers to install it directly onto their already existing curtains instead of paying for and installing expensive, custom rails.

The world's first retrofit smart curtain system.

Through the mobile app available on Android and iOS, you can open and close their curtains wirelessly. Slide can be configured to operate automatically at times, like opening in the morning so that the you can wake up to natural light, or opening and closing periodically while you’re away from home to repel potential burglars.

Each Slide unit can be integrated easily with any others, up to 20 at a time, and the entire system can be controlled easily using existing smart-home platforms like If This Then That.

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+ Installation onto pre-existing curtains only takes about two minutes.

+ As of January 10th, Slide has raised over $242,000 on IndieGoGo, 500% of their original goal.

+ Slide is currently available for pre-order and expected to ship later this year.

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