SWON: Connected Water Conservation

Oct 20 2016

Created by combining behavioral science with innovative tech, the SWON allows you to save thousands of gallons of water and hundreds of dollars in utility costs, all while connecting your bathroom to the rest of your smart home.

In the app, you can explore different usage scenarios to understand how much water and money you could save by adjusting the water volume by 10%, turning the temperature down by one degree, and maybe even shortening your shower by 30 seconds.

More Details


+ Includes an adjustable water flow gauge (turn to manage flow from 5-40%), temperature and flow rate sensor and Wifi connectivity.

+ Currently raising funds on Kickstarter - $59 Dollar retail price tag ($35 on Kickstarter)

Additional Coverage

- https://thewaternetwork.com/_/aquapreneurs/article-FfV/swon-launches-kickstarter-to-help-you-conserve-water-cygAHM6GbCoZxeV2MXzk-w

- http://tech.co/swon-kickstarter-conserve-water-2016-10

SWON: Connected Water Conservation cover image