Tibbit Blocks

Sep 19 2016

Created by Tibbo Technology, Tibbits (as in "Tibbo Bits") are "blocks of prepackaged I/O functionality housed in brightly colored rectangular shells. Tibbits are subdivided into Modules and Connectors.

Want an ADC? There is a Tibbit Module for this. 24V power supply? Got that! RS232/422/485 port? We have this, and many other Modules, too.

Same goes for Tibbit Connectors. DB9 Tibbit? Check. Terminal block? Check. Infrared receiver/transmitter? Got it. Temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors? On the list of available Tibbits, too!"

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+ Blocks are available here: http://tibbo.com/store/tps/tibbits.html

+ Via /dav/id ‏@dpjanes

Additional Coverage

- https://medium.com/@Dmitry_Slepov/tibbo-project-system-tps-from-tibbo-technology-take-what-you-need-leave-out-what-you-dont-d7a009f91d07#.3l1y9svf6

Tibbit Blocks cover image