Turn Touch: A Simplified Organic Smart Home Control

In a world where smart technology and home automation are on the rise, a person can feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of gizmos and gadgets available to them and long for a simpler, more organic time.

Introducing the Turn Touch, a smart remote control that allows you to control all of your home’s IoT devices through a simple, tactile, four-button interface exquisitely carved from wood. The remote connects to your phone via Bluetooth and can interact with any WiFi-enabled smart device.

Turn Touch Example

Through a combination of extended and double presses of buttons, the Turn Touch’s 4 buttons can perform a wide array of functions.

A major benefit to the hand-carved wooden design of the device is that the Turn Touch can fit in with aesthetics that the sleeker, modern designs that are more prevalent with IoT technology don’t quite fit in.



Turn Touch: A Simplified Organic Smart Home Control
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