Verizon Acquires Smart City Kiosk Provider LQD

Verizon has made another acquisition in the IoT space: the carrier has purchased LQD WiFi, a developer of outdoor interactive displays that provide WiFi connectivity, charging stations, along with hyper-local news and targeted ads and emergency services. The kiosks also act as sensors collecting crowd, weather and other outdoor sensor data.

From their press release: “Next-generation urban technology is becoming increasingly important as citizen’s expectations for smart city infrastructure increases. With LQD’s technology, Verizon aims to address key community needs such as fostering economic development, bridging the digital divide, facilitating transportation and traffic management and enhancing personal security and urban planning. LQD and Verizon are currently designing solutions for municipalities, private developers, academic institutions and entertainment venues. Verizon also sees opportunity to promote civic innovation and deliver data driven solutions leveraging the open data platforms of cities. These solutions will help communities better inform and engage with their constituents.”

Verizon Acquires Smart City Kiosk Provider LQD
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