View Dynamic Glass: Smart Windows for Comfort and Conservation

Feb 13 2017

View Inc. announced on Feb. 7th that it had raised $100 million to improve the scalability of its manufacturing and operations in an effort to meet rapidly increasing demand.

The company manufactures Dynamic Glass, a smart window solution that tints automatically to improve comfort, visibility, and energy efficiency in buildings.

Inside the Glass

The system works on the basis of electro-chromism, meaning thin layers of metal oxide inside the glass being manipulated by small electrical currents to change the amount of light and heat the window reflects, or allows through.

Control View Dynamic Glass from anywhere and manage entire buildings with their mobile iOS or Android app.

Window tint can be controlled via mobile app, or you can allow the built in Intelligence engine automatically adjust the glass based on variables like cloud cover, geographic location, and the angle of the sun in order to maximize daylight while reducing both heat and glare.

In addition to environmental benefits – buildings utilizing Dynamic Glass don’t have to spend as much on heating and cooling – employees working indoors get the benefit of natural sunlight, which has been shown to improve mood and productivity.

More Details


+ View Dynamic Glass is advertised as reducing energy costs for buildings by up to 20% over 12 months.

+ Since its founding, View has raised over half a billion dollars.

+ There are currently over 300 installations of View Dynamic Glass in North America, with another 150 in progress.

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