VISI|ONE: Bringing Car Sales to the 21st Century

Feb 06 2017

Visi-One offers car dealerships a faster and more efficient method of updating their entire lot when prices change.

The system consists of digital in-car displays that are connected wirelessly to the cloud-based system, and a mobile app that can both edit the pricing of vehicles across all locations and quickly input new vehicles to the system. Customers are also able to access vehicle information through an app.

The company asserts that its CSI (Car Sales Intelligence) will eliminate the hassles and costs associated with traditional method of displaying prices and information in car lots, along with providing new tools for marketing and data collection among car buyers.

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+ The company was founded in 1998, and its first product was a car pricing sticker that was easy to remove and didn’t leave behind any residue.

+ Visi-One filed for a trademark on its CSI Display technology in December of 2016.

+ Jaguar Land Rover is the first brand worldwide to roll out digital pricing for their dealers.

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