Wiliot raises $19M venture funding to launch battery-free IoT connectivity

Nov 15 2017

Wiliot, an Israel-based startup developing battery-free Bluetooth semiconductor technology closed a $19 million Series A financing round. Qualcomm Ventures and M Ventures led the round with the former contributing $5M in the latest round.

Scaling IoT with Battery-Free Bluetooth

The company previously raised $14M in venture funding from Grove Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, and 83North Venture Capital. Wiliot semiconductors can harvest energy from radio waves significantly reducing the size as well as energy requirement of sensors used in IoT-based solutions.

“This new technology will allow a sensor/radio/processor combination to be embedded in products, packaging, walls, and furniture so that these things can be smarter and communicate with other Bluetooth devices, including smartphones. We will enable everything to be intelligent and every place we go and anything we wear, touch or use will include sensing, connected, passive devices with an unlimited lifetime.”Wiliot CEO and co-founder Tal Tamir

The startup that splits its offices between Caesarea and San Diego, former being the R&D center in Israel and the latter as business development office in the US, will start delivering proof-of-concept devices by Q2’18. Delivery to market is slated for early 2019.

More Details


+ The semiconductor startup’s technology use cases include smart clothing (moisture and usage sensing), smart packaging (prescription meds and cosmetics), asset tracking, location tracking, and embedding in consumer electronics.

+ The team is currently hiring for both the R&D and business development offices.

+ Wiliot designs microchips but contracts out their production.

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