Winnow: The Smart Trashcan for Reducing Food Waste

Feb 09 2017

Winnow is a smart waste disposal system designed to help reduce food waste in kitchens, a noble goal given that roughly one third (1.3 billion tons) of all food produced globally goes to waste.

Winnow system records the amount of food wasted in the hospitality industry. Photograph: Murdo MacLeod

The system consists of a scale underneath the kitchen’s trashcan, where waste is disposed of as usual; however, when the waste is thrown away, the employee takes a couple of seconds to enter information about the waste – what type of food, how old it is, what state it’s in – into a touchpad near the bin.

Winnow will then measure the weight of the food, upload the data into the cloud, and at the end of the day provide the kitchen manager or chef with a detailed analysis of what types of food were most often wasted. Then, the kitchen manager can make changes to reduce waste drastically.

“North of £100m could be saved through addressing the food waste issue across public procurement,” said Zornes, Winnow Cofounder, “Food waste should be a priority when making use of the public purse. It shouldn’t be thrown away.”

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+ Since its founding in 2013, Winnow has raised a total of $3.54 million in funding over 4 rounds.

+ In its pilot tests, kitchens using Winnow were able to reduce waste by 50%.

+ Every year, consumers in rich countries waste almost as much food (222 million tons) as the entire net food production of sub-Saharan Africa (230 million tons).

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