Underwater - Real-Time Art

Underwater is an installation piece by artist David Bowen that uses a combination of a Microsoft Kinect and 729 servo motors to articulate the real-time surface of a lake and translate it into the inside of a gallery located hundreds of miles away.

Recently exhibited at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts the Kinect device was installed just off the shore of Lake Superior and pointed towards a plastic membrane floating on the surface. Data points captured from the membrane's movement were translated to a complex grid structure of rope and motors suspended from the ceiling in the gallery.

Each of the servo-motors correspond to a particular point on the surface material so that the mechanical grid can match the subtle changes of the water's surface. Creating the sensation of being underwater for viewers as the piece rises and falls.

Real-Time Art: Underwater by David Bowen
Real-time installation Underwater
Real-Time Art: Underwater by David Bowen

More of David's work can be found at: Dwbowen.com/portfolio.html or you can see Underwater's surface movements in the video below.

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Image Credits: David Bowen


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