Alex Kiessling

Long Distance Art

Alex Kiessling is a Vienna based artist that is looking to use the assistance of two ABB industrial robotic arms to simultaneously create a work in three countries.

On September 26 Kiessling will begin working on a unique piece at the Oval Hall at the MuseumsQuartier complex in Vienna. At the same time stationed in London's Trafalgar Square and in Berlin’s Breitscheid plaza the robotic arms will begin work on their own canvases replicating Kiessling’s movements in real-time.

If Andy Warhol’s Factory was a collection of assistants who carried out the work of their master, then the idea of robotic assistance redefines the concept completely. In this process several pieces come to life at the same time in different cities worldwide. In a decentralized global workshop or studio.

Live streaming video will also keep audiences at each location up to date as the work progresses.

Alex Kiessling Remote Art
Alex Kiessling
Alex Kiessling Remote Art

You can view some of Kiessling's existing work at: or follow the latest event details on the project's Facebook page here.

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Image Credits: Vienna Tourist Board, Artist

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