WellDone's MoMo

Innovations for smarter villages

WellDone is a non-profit focused on working with communities to provide them with clean water and generate awareness of water quality and access issues around the world.

After seeing research studies showing that up to 1 in 3 hand pumps in Africa were not functioning properly at any given time and having several of their own well infrastructure projects develop issues with hand pump systems they decided to create the MoMo "mobile monitor" to help ensure long term water access reliability for communities.

The cellular connected device is installed on hand pumps to remotely monitor the total water output and help determine how many people are actually receiving water each day. The information captured from the system can efficiently route repair services if something is broken and also help nonprofits and government organizations determine where new investments should be made in a given area.

"WellDone aims to extend the best principles of “Smarter Cities" to rural areas of the world’s poorest countries. Instead of new technology, we can reappropriate existing technology and make it more affordable. Instead of adding new services, we can focus on making existing services more reliable.....Of course, a mobile device that sends alerts is not a solution. It is a technology that helps local mechanics solve a problem with fewer resources."
WellDone's MoMo Remote Hand Pump Monitoring
WellDone's MoMo Remote Hand Pump Monitoring

You can learn more about WellDone and their mission at: Welldone.org or watch the MoMo product overview video embedded below.

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Image Credits: WellDone