Smart Greenhouse Report

Version 1.0 | 125 Pages

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Report Includes:

  • 125 Pages
  • Market forecast (We expect the “smart” automated portion of the greenhouse market to make up
    x.xx% of the Global Greenhouse market by 2023 - Total size of the greenhouse smart product market will be x.xxB by 2023 with a
    CAGR of x.xx%
  • Key Markets
  • 100+ Companies w/ product overviews
  • Crop Overview
  • 4 Key market trends
  • 11 Case Studies
  • Market Map | Market Mover Industry Map | Greenhouse Typologies
  • Investment & Acquisition Activity
  • Resources: Notable News | Online Events & Blogs | Commercial Operator list



A wide array of pressure are being placed on the food industry. From labor shortages, shifts in the climate, and the need to feed a growing global population out to 2050, to consumers increasingly demanding healthy and sustainably grown food.

Technological development is continuing to advance with LEDs improving in quality and seeing pricing economies of scale, while machine vision systems and data gathering sensors are hitting the market.

Combined these trends have increased the use of modern greenhouses as the best option to produce the fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits and fish to meet current demand and fulfill tomorrows food needs.

In the following pages, Postscapes’ has summarized 4 macro trends driving the future of the greenhouse industry and then we focus on five larger components of every greenhouse operation: Plant Conditions, Environmental Conditions, Material Handling, General Greenhouse, and Data & Management. These highlight specific systems and how greenhouse operators can harness new tools, and data to improve their operation efficiencies, increase yield and save resources.

Additionally, each section includes quotes from experts who talk about the larger significance of these applications, plus case studies. product spotlights and “Next-gen” implications that point to what’s possible next.

We appreciate the opportunity to share what we hope is a compelling story around the future of greenhouse production and its impact. We look forward to participating in the larger discussion as these new innovations reshape the industry.


Table of Contents



  • Market size and forecast
  • Crop overview
  • Growth pressures


0 - Automation Overview

1 Plant Conditions

  • Plant DLI Light Sensors
  • Plant Moisture Sensors
  • Direct Plant Temperature Sensors
  • Plant Growth & Crop Monitoring
  • NextGen: Drone Data Capture
  • Automatic Dosing/Fertigation
  • Automated Irrigation
  • NextGen: Deep Water Hydroponics
  • Deleafing Machine
  • Precision Pesticide Spraying
  • Supplemental LED Lighting
  • LED Crop Interlighting
  • Geothermal Root Zone Heating & Cooling

2 Environmental Conditions

  • Interior & Exterior Climate Sensors
  • Automated Curtain Systems
  • Automated Climate Control
  • Next Gen: Drone spraying light diffusing shade paint
  • Supplemental CO2 Dosing

3 Material Handling

  • Automatic Transplanters
  • Robotic Harvesting
  • Internal Transport
  • Next Gen: Autonomous spacing forks
  • Product Spotlight: Autonomous rack movers
  • Machine Vision Quality Sorting
  • Packaging & Shipping

4 General Greenhouse

  • Simulation Software
  • Solar Greenhouse Glass
  • Next Gen: Urban Rooftop Greenhouses
  • Cogeneration
  • Next Gen: Cryptocurrency Heated Greenhouses
  • Controller Hardware & Software

5 Data & Management

  • Team Safety & Tracking
  • Cart & Product Tracking
  • Service Spotlight; CC Equipment Pool
  • ERP Management Software


Market Map
Key Investment
Key Acquisitions



Companies Mentioned
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What's in a Trend Intelligence Report?

Each report seeks to answer questions for your business: What is the current activity from investment and startups? How is this technology actually being used in the market? (Demonstrated through business and technology case studies) Who are the key players? How will the business, user, and technology layers intersect going forward?

We answer the questions with data, links to key sources, and high level analysis.

How is the report licensed and delivered?

Each report sold is for one user license and is available immediately after purchase in either a watermarked PPT or PDF format. You will receive a login username and portal access where you can view and download all of your purchased reports.

If you are looking for more user licenses or to access all of our reports in the series visit our Membership page.

What if I am not happy with the product?

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We value the long-term customer relationship. If you have any specific questions call us at 720.650.2261

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