Res Sapiens project

Res Sapiens a project by Pieke Bergmans & LUSTlab features common desk lamps connected to the internet.

The 13 lamps were exhibited in Milan recently where they used a "continuous stream of (public) digital data and information as their mental energy, meeting each other on their own social network. They inform you like facial expressions based on their personal surroundings, your behaviour and input, and the state of affairs of all other lamps. They can light up and project, be moved and move by themselves. They fuse product and information design, making technology invisible, working and building on humanizing the unhuman."

The lamps are reacting to news headlines and twitter posts by identifying; negative, neutral, or positive key words. Then they move around and switch their lights on/off according to these headlines and key words.

You can interact with one of the lamps directly via Twitter @ressapiens

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