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Amulyte is an emergency response device designed to enable seniors to keep living independently while providing some peace of mind to their family members and caregivers.

Developed by Perry Haldenby and Jaclyn Konzelmann the pendant can be placed in a pocket or worn as a necklace. Inside the unit a GPS, cellular connection, accelerometer, and Wi-Fi chip work together to measure activity levels, provide real-time location information, and check on the device itself to make sure it has enough battery power and is working properly.

In the case of an emergency the wearer can simply push the help button and use the integrated speaker and microphone to notify and talk directly to a specified caregiver about their situation. Family members can login to the device's cloud portal to check up on their loved one or to specify emergency contact information and set alert notification preferences for the service.

According to the Amulyte team there are already 20 Million seniors over the age of 75 in the US alone, this number is expected to reach 38 Million by the year 2030 so a device like this that is mobile and easy to use for both users and caregivers could become increasingly important for many in the coming years.

Senior Tracking Device: Amulyte
Senior Tracking Device

More details about Amulyte can be found at and in the video embedded below.

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