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Support care delivery throughout the treatment cycle

Helius is a new "Digital Health Feedback System" created by Redwood City based Proteus Digital Health that uses a small patch worn on the body working together with 1mm sensor-enabled pills and a backend cloud service to provide real-time information on a users medication adherence.

The platform is built around the wearable patch which monitors the status of the ingestible sensors and simultaneously collects data about a users heart rate, temperature, activity and rest patterns throughout their day.

Resembing a grain of sand and made up mostly of silicon the tiny sensors are packaged in/alongside your pill regiment and are covered in magnesium and copper so that as the pills reach a patients stomach acid can generate enough power through this chemical reaction to communicate a unique time-stamped signal to the patch. The patch stores this number along with the exact time of pill ingestion and forwards that information using Bluetooth along to a users smartphone, with the details eventually ending up being delivered to a patients doctor or relatives that have access to the information.

"Is grandpa OK and taking his pills today?" becomes an easy to access question for family members and caregivers, and physicians are able to monitor how a patient is responding to medicine using accurate and long-term data.

Helius is currently being used in patients with heart failure and hypertension issues but plans to expand this to include other therapeutic areas like Schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s that pose especially difficult challenges in regards to getting accurate patient information.

More details about Helius and the sensor technology involved can be found on the Proteus website here, or by watching an overview of the system in the video embedded below.

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