Technology Strategy Board launches its Internet of Things demonstrator competition

The Technology Strategy Board is the UK’s national innovation agency. Earlier this year they completed their first competition to fund 10 preparatory studies (Project outcomes and presentations can be viewed here) to develop scenarios and strategies designed to "understand more clearly the route towards an open application and services marketplace for the Internet of Things".

The board's next project is to allocate up to £4m in a new "Ecosystem Demonstrator" competition to try and "stimulate development of an open application and services ecosystem in the Internet of Things."

The competition will be run in two phases. In the first, the TSB is asking the consortia to develop Internet of Things clusters. These clusters can be described as real world scenarios, which include stakeholders with problems to be solved, application developers, owners of data streams from physical ‘things’ and technology businesses who can make this data available and usable via open information hubs. Contracts of up to £800,000 each will be awarded to consortia to carry out these projects over a 12-month period. The second phase of the competition calls for a further £1.6 million to be awarded for scaling-up successful demonstrator projects.

October 15th was the official start of the competition and the deadline for registering is noon on the 14th of November.

The official brief and more details for the competition can be found on: