Past & Future Visions

Alongside this year's Design Fiction Award we thought we would gather a snapshot of the speculations and stories told about our digitally connected world from the past 40+ years.

A few favorites:

1967: "1999 A.D" a Philco-Ford production starring Wink Martindale.

1968: The famous 2001: A Space Odyssey clip used most recently in a patent lawsuit between Samsung and Apple regarding tablet designs.

: A film created at the Post Office Research Station in Dollis Hill by BT Research. The vision includes a wood-cladded display that is capable of transmitting and receiving documents via a UV light and photo sensitive paper that I wouldn't mind have sitting on top of my desk today.
1970's: A commercial from Xerox in the 70's (couldn't track down exact date) showing off their Xerox Alto in an office setting of the future. Note: Ethernet was also developed at about the same time toconnect PARC's Alto's together.

1990: Mark Weiser and his team at Xerox PARC using their labs tabs, pads and boards. (via: bashford)

(Credit: PARC)

1992: A clip of Bruce Sterling waxing about electronic exploration and how "Hippies with computers are simply impossible to ignore."

Related: Hear Kevin Slavin, Julian Bleecker, and Bruce Sterling tell their latest Thrilling Wonder Stories (Skip to 1/2 way point)

1993: A look at a series of AT&T "You Will" commercials narrated by Tom Selleck where he asks you if you have ever:

- Borrowed a book from 1000's of miles away?
- Crossed the country without stopping for directions?
- Sent someone a fax from the beach?
2011: Finally for some perspective, this year's glossy "Productivity Future Vision" from Microsoft:


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Feb 10,2016