Wearable Fertility Thermometer

Tempdrop is a wearable thermometer intended to help women track their fertility. It works by monitoring basal body temperature (BBT), the natural low point in the body’s daily temperature cycle, which usually occurs during sleep, shortly before waking.

BBT is a common method for figuring out when a woman’s body is ovulating, which is useful both for trying to get pregnant and for avoiding pregnancy through natural family planning — in other words, without using hormones or other forms of birth control. For most women, BBT increases by a small but measurable amount a few days before ovulation, when they are most fertile. And because the body only reaches basal temperature during sleep, a wearable thermometer is ideal for collecting enough data to accurately predict fertility.

Tempdrop, which takes the shape of a flat, rounded teardrop, is worn at night by sticking it to the skin of the underarm or tucking it into a bra or armband. Temperature data is collected overnight, then beamed to a smartphone over Bluetooth Low Energy when the device is removed in the morning. Instead of creating their own app, the developers have partnered with a number of existing fertility apps to make the data easily accessible.

The Tempdrop team recently raised more than $24,000 in flexible funding on Indiegogo and plans to open general preorders soon. Watch Tempdrop.com for updates, or learn more by checking out the video below.