Wearable Wireless Thermometer

TempTraq is a wireless digital thermometer in the form of a thin, flexible bandage. It provides continuous 24-hour data, which is especially useful for monitoring infants and children who can be fussy about oral thermometers at the best of times.

The latex-free patch is made of materials similar to other wearable patches and is waterproof — though like any adhesive bandage, it might come loose if soaked for too long. It connects over Bluetooth and sends real-time data to a mobile app, which can create graphs to easily see temperature trends and send alerts if it gets too high. Parents can also enter food, liquid and medicine intake and can share the data by email with a doctor.

TempTraq is a spin-off of Blue Spark, which specializes in thin, printed battery technology originally developed at Energizer. The zinc-manganese dioxide cells, which are just a few hundredths of an inch thick, are relatively safe for the environment because they don’t contain the heavy metals found in other batteries. On the other hand, they hold only so much power and can’t be recharged.


TempTraq Patch

TempTraq App Overview

While a disposable single-use patch won’t replace traditional thermometers for the occasional temperature spot-check, TempTraq’s continuous, smart and wireless monitoring offers a clear advantage for children (or adults) who are known to be at risk for a sudden fever.

The patch is currently under review by the FDA, so pricing and availability haven’t been announced yet.

Check out the video below to learn more, and visit TempTraq.com to sign up for updates.

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