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Ambi Labs is the latest startup to target legacy air conditioners with a smart device, Ambi Climate, which was funded on Kickstarter last month.

Like competitors Tado and Sensibo, Ambi Climate replaces the remote for any AC unit that uses infrared signals. The device connects to the Internet over WiFi so users can control their ACs with a mobile app, from anywhere in the world.

Ambi touts its cloud-based predictive cooling algorithm, which draws on a variety of data to stabilize indoor temperatures where the user wants them. That includes weather, sunlight, temperature, humidity, whether people are at (or moving toward) home based on smartphone location, and even the amount of activity (motion) in the room.

Much of the data is drawn from the device’s own sensors, and since it can be placed anywhere in a room — not just next to the AC unit — that means it gets a pretty good idea of what occupants are actually feeling. Humidity in particular is a distinguishing factor, since the same air temperature will produce different comfort levels depending on how much moisture is in the air.

Wifi Air Conditioner: Ambi Climate

Ambi Climate also learns from users. Each time you manually adjust the temperature up or down, the device saves a “snapshot” of the conditions feeding into its algorithm. Over time it will adjust the algorithm to better match your unique comfort range based on current data. Ambi can even learn the preferences of multiple users and will attempt to find a compromise between their favorite temperature settings.

In addition to keeping a home more comfortable, this kind of fine-tuned control can smooth out the fluctuations in temperature — and energy use — that come from occupants manually turning an AC unit on and off as the temperature swings in and out of their comfort range. Ambi Climate also provides data so users can track (and hopefully reduce) their energy use for cooling over time, and it can even provide notifications when the algorithm thinks it would be more efficient to open a window than run the AC.

Ambi expects to begin shipping to Kickstarter backers in June 2015, just in time for the summer temps when it will be most needed. Ambi Climate is also available for general pre-order. Have a look at the video below to learn more.

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Ambi Climate

Ecosystems: Alexa, Android, iOS, Homekit, SmartThings

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