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WiFi Cold Storage Monitoring

Freezers aren’t just for food. In the life sciences, especially, researchers need to keep samples and specimens in cold storage — which means low temperatures are a high priority.

Traxx EKG is a wireless monitoring system that can help keep refrigeration equipment in good working order. A sensor (called a “mote”) attaches to the outside of any freezer and keeps tabs on both temperature and power consumption. Each mote transmits data to a local hub over Wi-Fi or 3G, while a cloud server provides analytics and a dashboard for users to view the data.

Freezers become less efficient as they age, drawing more power and providing less reliable temperature control. Traxx EKG’s analytics can predict upcoming failures by detecting patterns of increased energy consumption, which is a sure sign that a freezer is in need of repairs. The platform can model the performance of each freezer in a facility to calculate the cost savings of preventative maintenance and allow facility managers to minimize downtime.

WiFi Cold Storage Monitoring: Traxx EKG

In addition to predicting and preventing long-term degradations in performance, Traxx EKG provides alerts in the event of immediate failures, like if temperatures climb above preset levels.

The sensors are battery-powered, with expected life up to two years. The analytics platform is a subscription model with pricing based on the number of freezers involved. Learn more at

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Traxx EKG

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