WiFi gas and carbon monoxide detector

Kepler is a gas and carbon monoxide (CO) detector developed as a side project by a group of Chinese developers at Orvibo.

When gas or CO is on the rise, Kepler notifies the user so they can check for leaks and open windows to prevent a dangerous situation; if critical levels are detected, light and sound alarms let the user know to leave the building and contact emergency services. Like other home safety monitors, Kepler connects over wifi and can push alerts remotely through a mobile app. And of course it will integrate with IFTTT, HomeKit, and other home automation services through an API.

Because many home gas leaks occur when a stove is left on — such as when a pot boils over and extinguishes its own flame — Kepler also includes a simple kitchen timer function: just twist the dial around the edge of the circular display to set a reminder that there’s something on the stove that needs attention.

Kepler lives on a wall plate that also serves as a charging dock (via Micro-USB cable), and the device has a battery that can last for up to 2 hours off the dock or during a power outage. That means homeowners can bring Kepler into the basement, for instance, to check for leaks near a water heater or gas main if you suspect something might be off.

WiFi gas and carbon monoxide detector: Kepler

WiFi gas and carbon monoxide detector: Kepler

The Kepler team has already proved the success of this independent project by meeting their Kickstarter goal, and the campaign runs through Aug. 30 for those interested in preordering. Check out the video below to learn more.

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Ecosystems: Alexa, Android, iOS, Homekit, SmartThings

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